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If you have a special dietary requirement (e.g. coeliac) or suffer from food allergies, then here you will find foods which are suitable for you. Gluten-free and wheat-free foods are available from brands such as Orgran, Amisa and Big Oz. We also offer natural sweeteners (sugar alternatives) such as Xylitol and green teas. These products have been carefully selected to suit the needs of selected diets, while helping to keep food tasty and interesting.

There is also a selection of dairy free foods including tasty chocolate goodies from the Moo Free brand. There are also products to suit people who are interested in organic and fair-trade produce. Biona is one of our most popular brands of organic foods. No food section would be complete without chocolate and we have some of the finest organic chocolate available! We carry a large range of Green & Black's chocolates which are very popular. We aim to serve as a one stop shop for organic foods, gluten free foods and natural food options.