Fake Tan

Why Use Natural Fake Tan?

If you are looking for a natural glow, without all the nasty chemicals, then you have come to the right place! Our fake tans are made from all natural ingredients to produce a healthy sun kissed glow. Natural self-tan actually has a pleasant aroma (unlike conventional fake tan) and the results appear gradually after just a couple of hours after applying the lotion. The tan is also lightly coloured so that you can ensure that you stay streak free. These fake tans also moisturise the skin because of the many natural ingredients present, unlike conventional tans which can make your skin dry and flaky. Why not try a more natural form of fake tan today and see the benefits for yourself?

Buying Natural Fake Tan at Evergreen.ie

Evergreen.ie stocks only the very best natural fake tans, from only the very best brands including Lavera and Trilogy. Take a closer look at our range of natural tans to find the one which suits your needs best. For all of your natural tanning requirements, shop online with Evergreen.ie.
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