Hair Colour

Why Use Natural Hair Dyes?

If you are looking for natural hair dyes then you have come to the right place. stock a wide range of ammonia free, PPD free and ammonia free natural hair dyes. These natural hair dyes are not just gentle to your scalp and hair, the also provide your hair with long-lasting, vibrant colour. Many of these dyes ensure greys are covered. Natural hair dye is very easy to apply, they could with plastic gloves to protect your hands and an easy, drip-free applicator, making dying your hair as convenient and easy as possible. These natural colours do not fade, leaving your with healthy vibrant hair, even after several washes.

Buying Natural Hair Dyes at stock an extensive range of natural hair dyes from high quality brands including Surya Brazil, Nature & Care and Naturtint. We stock a wide range of colours so you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. We stock henna colours and natural colours free from the nasty chemical present in many other more traditional hair dyes. Take a closer look at our range of products to find which one is suited to your needs best.
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