Dental Floss & Toothpicks

Why Use Natural Dental Floss?

Dental floss is an essential element to a good oral hygiene regime along with brushing and mouth wash. Dental Floss reduces the risk of tooth decay and gum disease by removing pieces of food and plaque from between your teeth which brushing and mouthwash alone will not remove. If the plaque and food particles are not removed, it can cause the levels of bacteria to rise in the mouth. Increased bacteria leads to an increase in gum irritation, inflammation, tooth decay and bleeding gums. Using dental floss reduces the risk of this happening.

Buying Dental Floss at stocks dental floss which contains only natural ingredients which are kind to the teeth. Aloe Dent Aloe Mint Dental Floss is one of most popular natural dental flosses. This product contains natural ingredients including Aloe Vera and Spearmint Extract for healthy gums. As well as peppermint oil and spearmint Oil which helps to prevent or reduce bleeding gums, while also providing a pleasant minty flavour. Take a closer look at our range of oral health products for more information on which one is best suited to your needs.
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