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A Beginners Guide to Organic

What is Organic?

Organic is a system of farming and food production that aims to produce sufficient quantities of high-quality food for the benefit of not only our health but for our soils and ecosystems. While organic and non-organic food may appear very similar, the systems of farming involved in their production can be very different. Food can only be labelled and marketed as organic when produced on a farm certified as organic and inspected by an official certification body e.g. soil association.

Benefits of going organic:

In the face of climate change, rising diet-related ill-health and widespread declines in our wildlife, the need to produce healthy food and cut greenhouse gas emissions has never been more important. There are many reasons organic food and farming can play a leading role in building a better future.

No Nasty Pesticides

Pesticides are chemicals used to control any organism that might invade or damage food crops. Studies have linked chemical pesticides as being harmful to health and the environment. Instead of relying on pesticides, organic farmers aim to create a natural balance between plants and animals to prevent pests. They often encourage beneficial animals on to their farms to eat pests and use crop rotation to lower the risk of plant disease. They also use natural derived products e.g. essential oils clove oils.

Protection of the Eco-System

Organic farming may be used to help reverse the trend of our dwindling wildlife. To obtain organic certification, farmers must agree to help maintain and protect animals and their habitats. They do this by avoiding harsh chemicals that kill or destroy different eco-systems and allow hedges to grow to their maximum potential during summer months to help many animals thrive.

Health Benefits

Studies have found that levels of certain nutrients e.g. omega 3’s, Vitamin C and some Antioxidants were up to 50% higher in organic meat and milks. Organic food is often preservative free making it more natural and fresh.

Going Organic

At Evergreen Healthfoods we offer some of the most popular certified organic brands including Biona, Doves Farm, Green & Black's, Nua Naturals and even our own branded produce. We have over 400 organic foods and drinks available for our customers to order and we are consistently adding new products to our organic department, so take a look at what we have to offer.

To find out more about organic, you can speak to one of our fully trained staff in any of our seven Galway-based stores, or access online health advice at [email protected].


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