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Brand Spotlight – Biona!

Biona is one of the most popular and well-known food brands that we stock here in Evergreen – with over 350 products and a commitment to organic, ethical and sustainable food, all sprouting from a homemade granola almost 40 years ago. Each of their products has 100% traceability, ingredients of the highest standard, and is suitable for vegetarians and often vegans too! Here are some of our favourites at Evergreen!

Biona Organic Squeezy Ketchup

Did you know ketchup was originally sold as a medicine? It was formulated into tablets and sold as a solution for indigestion, until we found that it was much better suited as a delicious condiment, and it is now a staple of many dinner tables. Biona’s ketchup is one of their best selling items, as not only does it have a clean ingredient list (tomato puree, raw cane sugar, vinegar, salt, spices) but it is made with sugar as opposed to corn syrup or synthetic sugars – creating a delightfully sweet yet savoury sauce. Not a ketchup fan? Why not try Biona Organic Worcestershire Sauce.

Biona Rye Breads

A wheat-free and tasty bread, Biona offer a large list of options of rye breads – plain, with linseed, sprouted seeds, pumpkin seeds… the options keep going. All of these are delicious, soft and moist, ideal served with any toppings be they sweet or savoury. You can toast these for an added crunch, and spread with sliced banana and Biona almond butter to create a filling and easy snack; or why not top with Biona’s baked beans!

Biona’s Sweets

These are all gluten free, and gelatine free – so ideal for vegans who are missing those gummy sweets! Tutti Frutti Gums, Jelly Dinos, Sour Snakes and Cool Cola Bottles; you’re guaranteed to find something to satisfy your sweet tooth! If you aren’t a fan of the chewy sweets, Biona also have their bright and delicious lollipops, chock full of natural sweetness.

Biona’s Tinned Goods & Pasta

The list could be almost endless, but if you are looking for a tinned item and you want to be organic, ethical and sustainable then the Biona options are for you. The range offers extensive beans – mixed, black, haricot, butter, pinto; as well as plenty of lentils – green, puy, and both black and white chickpeas. You can pick up baked beans, and chopped or whole plum tomatoes to bulk up the amazing Biona Passata! Biona also offer various pastas in a spelt form as opposed to wheat based – spaghetti, fusilli, and penne, as well as spelt lasagne sheets.

If you would like to discuss recipes or any other Biona products, you can speak to one of our fully trained staff in any of our seven Galway-based stores, or access online suggestions and advice at [email protected].

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