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Condition & Control Your Curls Naturally …With PHYTO

Condition & Control Your Curls Naturally With PHYTO Evergreen.ieNatural Hair Care

As someone whose curls would be prown to quite a bit of frizz, I would have been using mousse most of my life to control my hair. But what I used to find with the mousses I used was that they left my hair kind of limp and lifeless. Now while I didn’t want flyaway hair either, I did find that there was often a ‘residue’ left on my hair that was fine on day 1 but there was no way I was getting away without washing my hair the following day. And for someone who’s been colouring my hair for years, that meant that the colours would fade sooo much faster. Not ideal by any means.

I'’ve always been a fan of the PHYTO products, but started using PHYTOMIST after I got it at our Natural Beauty Event last October and I love it! As a leave-in conditioning spray, it’s light and you don’t feel like you’ve got any product on your hair at all. I find it controls the frizz and gives my curls some definition without being too sculpted – not a look I like unless I’ve somewhere special to go ;) It also helps to detangle, which any of you with curls will understand is very important.

My hair would also be a bit on the dry side naturally, and I find that PHYTOMIST keeps it soft and nourished. Even my hairdresser has noticed a difference, and I just find that when I get my highlights done it’s not drying out as much. It also smells quite nice too, which never hurts! It’s a real citrus smell, rather than the toxic smells you get from a ‘mainstream’ hair sprays.
Since the Natural Beauty Event last October, I’ve been using all PHYTO products.

Their representative at the event, Leanne, sold me on the range and I haven’t looked back. At the moment I’m using PHYTOCYANE, which is their densifying treatment shampoo, as well as using the PHYTOBAUME Repair Conditioner. I also have their PHYTO 7 product in my toiletries bag at home for keeping my hair smooth on nights out.

Now, these products are a little on the pricey side when compared with your main branded products, but they are natural and are free from many of the chemicals that are present in other ‘cheaper’ products. Plus, I can tell you hand on heart that they last Forever! I’ve been using a PHYTOCYANE that I bought in January and it’s only this week I’m coming to the end of the bottle. You really don’t use much so they do work out good value in the long run. I look at it as being cheaper than a regular trip to the hairdressers :)

I should also tell you that PHYTO also have a fab range of conditioning masques if you’re staying in this week-end and looking for a treat-to-self.

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