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De-Stress during the Festive Season

We often associate 'stress' as the feeling of being under too much mental, physical or emotional strain. And the festive season is the perfect example of how we can put ourselves under undue physical and emotional stress in order to have the 'perfect' Christmas.

We are running and racing trying to buy gifts, food and decorations, we are celebrating, indulging and enjoying all the silly season has to offer! However all this rejoicing can leave us feeling sluggish and overwhelmed, the late nights can knock off our sleeping patters and the endless shopping list can mean we are stressed out by the time Christmas day arrives.

So what can I do to unwind and de-stress during the festive season?

Well something as simple as supplementing with a good quality magnesium during the holiday season could help you feel better equipped both physically and mentally to deal with these stressors.

Much research shows that lower levels of magnesium available to the body during stressful times reduce our ability to deal with and react positively to stress. The lower the levels of magnesium the more over reactive our stress response can be and we can feel overwhelmed and anxious.

We suggest you consider supplementing with PrizMAG a pure magnesium bisglycinate supplement, which comprises of two glycine molecules bound to one magnesium molecule this unique form of magnesium has very distinctive benefits on stress related sleep and mood disturbances.

Alongside the benefits of magnesium, glycine itself is an inhibitory neurotransmitter with its own signaling system, similar to GABA, which we know may have a calming and relaxing effect on the nervous system helping us reduce feelings of stress and overwhelm at this time of year.


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