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What is Detoxification?

Detoxification is a natural process within the body. It’s a complicated process involving nearly all of the bodily functions. If the body encounters a toxin, it will either be temporarily stored, or turned into another set of chemicals before being excreted. This process takes up a lot of energy and nutrients.

What Are Toxins?

Toxins can be poisons. They can be materials your body would do better without or they can be something your body needed but now has no further use for.  Alcohol is an example of a poisonous toxin that is purposely imbibed. Hormones are an example of something that had a purpose. But when the body has used them, they need to be excreted otherwise can become harmful.

How Do Toxins Enter The Body?

Toxins often enter the body via processed foods. Especially meat products, water which is not pure, caffeine, car fumes, cigarette smoke, paint fumes or via products put directly onto the skin.

Where Are The Toxins Stored?

Toxins often go into the bloodstream, they can also get stored in your connective tissue and joints, and also stored in the fat cells. This happens with sex or stress hormones in particular. If the body encounters toxins it is not able to immediately deal with, it can lock the toxin away in fat cells.

Why Should We Bother To Detox?

If you have a lot of toxins to deal with and if you’re not supported with good nutrition and hydration, your body could be struggling through it’s natural detoxification process.

If you suffer from low energy, if your skin is poor, if you get headaches a lot, have a low immune system or sex drive, if you are bloated or have hormonal issues, these are signs of toxic overload. Why not give yourself some gentle assistance?

Gentle Detoxification Steps:

Firstly, let me emphasize that a detox should predominantly be leaving things out rather than adding in horrid potions and powders.

The following things can be high in toxins, and if you leave them out or cut down on them, your body will have less to deal with, leaving you with energy and time to cleanse and heal.

  • Alcohol,
  • Caffeine,
  • Processed foods especially meats.
  • Tobacco,
  • Sugar,
  • Baked goods,
  • Dairy products
  • Drink plenty of water; as soon as you wake up and one right before bed. Try to drink herbal teas and water throughout the day. If you really have to have that coffee, drink a glass of water with it.

These steps alone (If you keep them up for any length of time) are the basis for a healthier, less toxic life.

Steps For A Full Detox

If you would like to get into the full spirit of a detox, improve your toxin elimination or if you’re planning to exercise more and lose weight, here are some more suggestions.


Charcoal is used in filters because it can bind onto toxins. The toxins that are stored in your fat cells are not water soluble, so can’t be removed easily, but charcoal can attach onto them and carry them out.  If you are exercising and would like to lose fat, especially around the tummy area, taking a charcoal capsule daily (away from foods and supplements) will help. It can also help those who have digestive issues like irritable bowel.

Milk Thistle Herb

Is traitionally used to support liver function. The liver is the most vital of cleansing organs so the better it works, the more effectively the body can eliminate toxins. Milk thistle is particularly good for those with problem skin, hormonal issues and those who get frequent indigestion.


such as spirulina, broccoli and kale. As well as being powerhouses of nutrients essential for detox, green supplements like spirulina are rich in proteins that help to balance blood sugar levels, making a detox programme or a diet easier and more effective.

Take Probiotic Bacteria

Probiotics come in capsule form or you can get them in foods such as Kefir or natural yoghurts. The bacteria in the gut is an essential part of a lot of toxin breakdown so it’s essential to any detox, but also, taking probiotics can build your immunity for the future.

Think About What You Put On Your Skin

When you put something directly on the skin, often you are actually putting it into your body. Why are nicotine or hormone patches so effective? Because chemicals can be absorbed directly into the body via the skin. The average woman exposes herself to 100 chemicals while getting ready for a night out. There are so many natural alternatives to skin creams, makeup, shampoo and conditioner and you’re not compromising by using these, you’re specializing in your own health.


When you go to the gym, go to the sauna afterwards. The toxins which are stored in subcutaneous fats are the tough ones to get rid of. Sometime in the sauna after a workout will help. If you’ve done well enough to go to the gym, do even better by going to the sauna, but remember to stay hydrated.

For more advice regarding any health-related problems, please call in and see us in Evergreen Eyre Square where our staff would be delighted to talk to you. Polly.

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