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Evergreen Healthfoods has been helping the great people of Ireland lead a healthier more natural life since 1992. Over the years our staff has gained invaluable knowledge and experience in the area of natural health. We wanted to share this information with the people of Ireland, which is why we started this blog. We cover lots of different areas from natural beauty to fitness and nutrition and everything in-between. We also have lots of healthy recipes and step-by-step guides to help you make small changes that make such a big difference to your health. Take a look below for a quick bio on our bloggers.

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 Patrick Carroll

 Store: Online Store
Patrick has been working at Evergreen Healthfoods since 2012. His areas of interest are nutrition and fitness. In his blogs he hope to share his knowledge and experiences to help people live a healthier life.

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Ciara Gleeson

Store: Online Store

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Joanne Morgan

Store: Online Store

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Margaret Guthrie-Nally

Store: Online Store
Margaret is a qualified Nutritional and holistic therapist and has been working with Evergreen Healthfoods since 2002. Margaret loves keeping up-to-date in the area of health and well-being and loves sharing the latest information and techniques. Click here to read more...

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Claire Grady

Store: Headford Road Shopping Centre
Claire is a Senior Health Advisor at Evergreen Healthfoods and a Qualified Nutritional Therapist. Claire is super knowledgeable in all things health related, from supplements to natural skincare and everything in-between. Click here to read more...


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Polly Morgan

Store: Eyre Square Shopping Centre
Polly is the manager of our newest store in the Eyre Square Shopping Centre. She holds a diploma in Health Food Retailing. Her main areas of study and interest are immune function, women’s health and hormone balance. Click here to read more...

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Aideen Hurley

Proud Owner
Aideen, along with her husband Kieran, are the proud owner of Evergreen Healthfoods. Having a keen interest in baking, Aideen is a true expert when it comes to 'free-from' baking and cooking. Aideen has a real passion for healthy living and all things natural.

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