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How Can Glucosamine Help Arthritis?

Painful joints human anatomy concept with the body as a group of circular panels of sore areas as a pain and injury or arthritis illness symbol for health care and medical symptoms due to aging or sports and work injury.Glucosamine

Glucosamine is produced naturally by your body, and is a key element in creating glycosaminoglycans and glycoproteins, which are crucial building blocks in helping your joints become strong and remain that way. Whilst the body creates some glucosamine, certain circumstances require individuals to take glucosamine supplements and vitamins.

An amino sugar, Glucosamine is found around our joints, but as we get older the levels of it drop, causing the stiffening and pain commonly experienced by sufferers of Rheumatoid arthritis, and the deterioration of the joints themselves.

In simple terms, taking glucosamine is designed to combat the effects of that drop in the body’s natural supply. There’s no way to obtain any worthwhile amount of this amino sugar through diet, which means that glucosamine supplements are needed to benefit from well-lubricated joints, healthy synovial fluid and a reduced risk of cartilage breakdown.

So, how much glucosamine should you take, to try and combat the effects of arthritis? Take 1,500 mg once a day, or in three separate doses if you’re especially prone to indigestion or an upset stomach. As with most supplements, the effects aren’t instant. You should begin to feel the joints beginning to loosen up somewhat within the first 3-6 weeks, provided you stick to this dosage.

With some nutritional additions, there can be concerns over side effects, especially where one has a shellfish allergy. In cases such as this, we would recommend glucosamine hydrochloride, as it means that the consumer can still receive the benefits of well-lubricated joints without having to trigger their allergies.

Widely regarded as the best supplement for arthritis, our tips for glucosamine will set you on the road to reduced pain and jaunty joints.

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