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Manuka Honey Benefits

Manuka Honey Benefits Evergreen.ieFor quite a while now, we have been aware of the unique anti-bacterial activities of manuka honey. It is taken to help with sore throats, tummy bugs, stomach ulcers and other digestive problems internally. Externally, it can help to clear up bacterial wound infections. It can speed up healing of wounds and even heal nasty leg ulcers and bacterial infections on the skin. It continues to grow in popularity as more and more of its health benefits emerge.

The reason manuka honey is so popular is because it has anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, it is one of the most popular “Winter Wellness” remedies. It helps us to strengthen our immune systems for battle against the harsh Winter Weather. It really is a multi-functional health product.

Why is it different?

Most honeys contain a naturally occurring active agent which is thought to support good health. However, this agent is easily destroyed when exposed to heat and light. Manuka Honey however contains an extra, naturally occurring active ingredient, which makes it superior. A New Zealand scientist, Dr. Peter Molan, from Waikato University began studying its benefit over 20 years ago. By accident really, he discovered that all honeys were not equal and that indeed, manuka was different.
Dr. Molan discovered that it contained an activity that was far stronger than the hydrogen peroxide present in other honeys. Hydrogen peroxide is the activity in honey which provides anti-bacterial and healing properties. Not only does Manuka contain a stable level of hydrogen peroxide activity but also a non-peroxide activity called MethylGlyoxal (MGO) which has stronger health properties than hydrogen peroxide.

Researchers report that Manuka Honey, with a high level of anti-bacterial activity (a high MGO rating), not only decreases pathogen growth in the gut but encourage good probiotic gut bacteria. It has no negative effects on “friendly” bacteria which are essential to the digestion process. Essentially the higher the MGO rating, the higher the level of anti-bacterial activity.
Manuka Honey is a truly special natural health supplement. With so many benefits, it really offers value for money and should be a staple item in every household.

The Conclusion

Essentially, the reason for the “fuss” surrounding manuka honey is because of its many health benefits. It is far more powerful than other honeys and still we are discovering more and more health beneficial properties that manuka honey contains. Take it directly with a spoon, add it to smoothies or juices or even lather it across your slice of toast in the morning. It is so easy to incorporate manuka honey into your daily diet and reap its many benefits.

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