Marilyn Glenville - Galway Talks 3rd March 2014

Dr. Marilyn Glenville PhD introduces two talks that could change your life at the Radisson BLU Hotel, Galway on Monday, 3rd March 2014. Is stress making you gain weight? Balancing your hormones...Naturally Widely recognised as the UK's leading authority on women's health, Dr. Glenville is an international bestselling author of 12 books. She's bringing her nationwide tour to Galway for the fourth consecutive year, and Evergreen are proud to be associated with the event once again. Is stress making you gain weight? At this talk you will discover: Why stress changes your appetite. How dieting doesn't work when you're stressed, not even the alternative fasting diets. Which vitamins, minerals and herbs will help you cope better with stress. How stress can cause digestive problems like IBS, muscle and joint pains, skin problems and low immune function. Top tips for reducing stress, controlling your appetite and reducing your weight Balancing your hormones...Naturally!

At this talk you will discover: What to eat to balance your hormones including PMS, menopause, PCOS, fibroids and endometriosis. The truth about soya and phytoestrogens. Are they bad for you? The effects of foreign oestrogens coming in from our environment, how to recognise them and what we can do to avoid them. How beneficial bacteria in your digestive system can balance your hormones. Which vitamins, minerals and herbs help to balance your hormones naturally. Tickets will be €15, and will allow you entry into one or both talks. Click here to purchase.

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