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The New Weapon for Controlling your Blood Sugar

Type-2 diabetes is spreading like a bushfire as a result of people choosing the wrong diet and lifestyle.

You can do many things to lower your risk of developing this condition, for instance, you can take a daily supplement of organic chromium.

We humans were not designed to consume large amounts of sugar and processed foods and spend hours every day just sitting. In fact, the epidemic spreading of type-2 diabetes that we are witnessing now is a consequence of choosing the wrong lifestyle. Our bodies cannot handle the combination of improper diets and lack of physical activity. As a result of consuming too generous amounts of the wrong kind of food, our metabolism breaks down. What eventually happens is that the body no longer responds properly to the insulin it produces. Normally, insulin helps convey sugar (glucose) from the blood to our cells that need it for energy. But with the onset of insulin resistance, as science calls the body’s lacking response to insulin, glucose piles up in our bloodstream and never reaches the cells.

Syndrome X

A number of things occur in the wake of insulin resistance. Your blood pressure may go up. Your blood levels of cholesterol and triglyceride may also increase. You will gain weight. In fact, the normal cluster of symptoms that is typically associated with insulin resistance is often referred to as “syndrome X” and is the early stage of type-2 diabetes. It is vital to keep an eye on these symptoms. In fact, if you take responsible action you may be able to reverse the situation and prevent type-2 diabetes from developing.

Organic Chromium Yeast

What many people are not aware of, is that it is not insulin alone that is responsible for transporting glucose from the blood into the cells. The body also uses chromium, an essential trace element, for this action. Chromium attaches to various amino acids inside the cells. It works like a key that unlocks the cell from within, whereby insulin can more easily push glucose into the cell. The combination of chromium and amino acids, a complex known as chromodulin, is found naturally in organic chromium yeast. (Read the box about ChromoPrecise). For this reason organic chromium yeast is the best chromium source to use in supplements.

Lower Medicine Dosage

Supplements of organic chromium yeast is a useful strategy for keeping blood sugar levels in their normal range. It may even help diabetics reduce their need for diabetes medication. Professor Jaroslav Racek from the Charles University in Prague published study of type 2 diabetics. It was seen that various diabetes markers improved significantly in those patients who were supplemented with organic chromium yeast (ChromoPrecise) compared with those in the placebo group. The researchers observed a significant reduction in fasting plasma glucose (FPG) and glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) in the patients who took chromium yeast. However, both FPG and HbA1c returned to their pre-supplementation levels after eight weeks of withdrawal from chromium yeast.

Protects Against Oxidative Stress

In the same study chromium appeared to protect against a phenomenon called “oxidative stress”. This is where potentially harmful molecules known as free radicals attack healthy cells and cause irreparable damage. Scientists speculate that oxidative stress is responsible for several diabetes-related complications. This may seriously compromise the health of the patients in the long run.

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