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Post Workout Tips

Post Workout Tips

Irish Spring time is well and truly here and the long bright evenings are enticing us out walking, running, jogging and exercising in general, which is great to see! However, for some of us it has been a while since we've been partaking in regular exercise. Therefore we must be careful not to do any damage to our muscles and joints. Here are some post workout tips to help your muscles and joints recover after exercising:

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is one of the most obvious and most important post workout tips! While exercising we can lose a significant amount of body fluid through sweat. Especially during high cardio activities like running, team sports and boot camps. If we become dehydrated this can lead to an imbalance in our potassium and sodium levels. This can trigger muscle cramps and delay the post-exercise recovery time. On average we should aim to drink a minimum of 1.5 litres of water daily and even more on days we exercise.

*Possible Recommendations: Coconut Water, a small Pinch of Himalayan Pink Salt in our water

Muscle Rub

A warm up and a cool down are essential post workout tips practices to ensure we get the most out of our workout. However, sometimes if we have a longer than usual run or a harder gym session than normal we might feel it in our muscles the next day or the day after. A way to prevent this and to encourage quicker muscle recovery. I recommend that you use the warming balm on our legs, arms & back where required.

*Possible Recommendations: Horse Balm, Tiger Balm or Dr Hauschka Leg & Arm Tonic

Muscle Recovery

Our large skeletal muscles are being worked whether we're lifting weights, running or practicing yoga and it's important that we maintaing flexibility of these muscles to maintain long lean arms and legs. In our muscle fibres we need Calcium to help contract the muscle and Magnesium to relax these muscles. Therefore the more we work them our the more of these minerals that our bodies require.

*Possible Recommendations: Magnesium 365 or BetterYou Magnesium Oil Rub

Joint Care

Over time continuous weight bearing activities, especially distance running, can take its tole on our joints, in particular knees, hips, ankles & vertebrae. Maintaining the integrity of our joints is key to keeping us mobile and preventing any wear and tear that may cause us pain and inflammation.

*Possible Recommendations: Revive Joint (1 sachet daily)

* All of the products mentioned in the above article are only guideline suggestions and anybody taking prescribed medication from their GP should always consult their GP or Pharmacist to identify any contraindications.


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