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Vegan in Galway

Vegan in Galway

Dining out can be difficult when you are following a vegan diet. But stress not, Evergreen have identified some 'Vegan in Galway' friendly hot spots for you to enjoy!

The Falafel Bar

The Falafel Bar is a vegetarian restaurant who offers many vegan options such as their beautiful energy balls and delicious hummus to take away.

The Lighthouse Café

The Lighthouse Café is a mainly vegan restaurant with locally sourced ingredients and an emphasis on healthy, wholefood eating with a great taste.

Aside from these vegetarian restaurants there are also many places that cater well to vegans such as: Vina Mara, Quay Street Kitchen, Food for Thought, Cava Bodega, Quay Street Food, Chilli Shack, Boojum and Fat Freddy’s also offer a delicious vegan pizza!

Of special mention is Café Temple who source all of their ingredients locally, except for their coffee. They are a social café meaning all their profits go to charity so you can help people and animals at once. They have an emphasis on healthy, nourishing food with fresh ingredients. They also make vegan desserts in-house and do a wonderful vegan breakfast.

Local Market

Every weekend the local Market located at Saint Nicholas’ street has lots of options including empanadas, falafels, salads, curries, pakoras, etc. On Saturdays there is a wonderful fruit and vegetable market where you can get local produce. There are also stalls which sell clothes and jewellery that is made locally.


Drinks wise we’re lucky to be home to some small brewing companies that make vegan/vegetarian beer. The Galway Bay Brewery has a mainly vegan selection of drinks except for their milk stout. Galway Hooker is vegan too and is brewed in Oranmore. Places like The Salt House or Oslo stock many craft beers that are vegan and some of the staff there can help you to select something.


Most cafes also stock soya, almond or even oat milk (Urban Grind). There are many juice and smoothie places dotted around that will have vegan options or will adapt their menu for you.

Many other restaurants will adapt their menu, if you let them know that you’re vegan. These include Lana, Papa Rich, Asian Teahouse and The Noodle House.

Tattoo Ink

Tattoo ink can sometimes not be vegan. Nowadays most places stock a vegan ink and if you talk to them they will help you look up which ones are suitable such as Eternal and Dynamic. Here at Evergreen we also stock suitable aftercare products to care for your new tattoo.

Galway Vegan Festival

There is also an annual Galway Vegan Festival co-organised by our very own Sandi. Sandi believes “being vegan in Galway doesn’t have to be a difficult and challenging experience. For me it’s been fun, has helped me branch out my diet and there’s a wonderful supportive network of vegans here who will always have recipes, ideas or advice”.

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