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Reduce Waste With This Natural Toothpaste

Natural Toothpaste

Switching to natural toothpaste might seem like a small step, but when you think of how often you brush your teeth, this small change can have a big impact. Natural toothpastes are thought to be gentler on our teeth and from an environmental perspective, better for the planet. Although there are many fantastic toothpaste options to choose from, Ben and Anna's toothpaste brings a unique offering to the usual tube. You can reduce waste with this natural toothpaste which means you will be helping save the planet while brushing your teeth!

Ben and Anna Toothpaste

Alternatively packaged from the usual tube, Ben and Anna toothpaste interestingly comes in 100ml recyclable glass that is beautifully labelled.

Ben and Anna toothpaste is made using high-quality ingredients from natural origins. Ingredients such as sea buckthorn, chamomile, activated charcoal, cinnamon and calcium can be found within the three available options depending on which one you choose!

Ben and Anna Toothpaste - Evergreen

Variations include;

  • Black and strong with activated charcoal.
  • Classic white and gently whitening with sea buckthorn.
  • Mild and gentle with chamomile and sage.

How To Use

Using the spatula provided, apply a small amount to your toothbrush, brush for two minutes and rinse.


Ben and Anna Tooth-Powder

Ben & Anna Tooth powder - Evergreen

Ben and Anna’s tooth powder contains activated charcoal particles ideal for gently loosening discoloration from teeth. It is thought that tooth powder can be more effective at removing plaque than toothpaste. This tooth powder also contains peppermint leaf oil providing extra-fresh breath.

How To Use

Although it is a powder, the method is similar to toothpaste. Simply, wet your toothbrush and using spatula provided, apply a small amount of the powder to your toothbrush. Then, brush as normal and rinse.

Free From

Wonderfully, all Ben and Anna tooth care is vegan and cruelty free. It is also free from harmful ingredients such as phthalates, parabens, micro-plastics, SLS and formaldehydes.

In addition, both the toothpaste and the tooth-powder are plastic free due to the glass packaging and made with natural ingredients. Reduce waste with this natural toothpaste. A fantastic zero waste tooth care option for you and the planet, woo!

If you would like to learn more about natural tooth care, chat to our team in store, we would be happy to help! Alternatively, you can view the oral hygiene section of our website for more dental care items.

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