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School Lunches That Pack A Punch

A healthy lunchbox a day keeps the yawns away!

It may come as little surprise to learn that according to recent research in Ireland that the most popular items in a lunchbox are a sliced white bread sandwich with a filling of ham, cheese or chicken; crisps, a chocolate bar or biscuit; and a yoghurt or cheese snack. While, there’s nothing wrong with any of these foods on an occasional basis, if a child eats them every day, they will not get the range of nutrients they need for good health and energy. As a child gets older they can develop tendencies for sugar and savoury cravings leading to morning jaunts to the local sweet shop before school starts. Let’s prevent this. The key to a healthy packed lunch is nutritional balance and a wide variety of foods.

Let Them Get Their Hands Dirty  

Include your kids in food preparation, stirring, peeling etc. allowing children to assist positively with food prep the evening before or earlier in the morning.

Take Them Grocery Shopping

Shopping at your local greengrocer and independent health food store gets your children excited about fresh produce – and getting them to choose their own fruit will make them eager to help pack and eat their lunches.

Fruit and Vegetables

Children should eat a minimum of 5-10 servings of fruit and vegetables every single day for maximum health benefits. The nutrients in these foods will energize them, build strong bones and muscles, and help their brains stay sharper. Even better, finding ways to encourage your kids to enjoy eating fruits and vegetables can be fun!

Many of us struggle to get our kids to eat enough fruit and vegetables, yet the lunchbox provides the perfect opportunity to boost a child’s consumption of fresh produce. Choose different types and consider presenting fruit in many ways.

Above all, the best thing you can do to instil healthy eating habits in your children is by being a positive food role model. If your kids see you eating fruits and vegetables, buying organic and choosing healthy options over junk food, they’ll be more likely to follow suit.  I love to cook with True Natural Goodness ingredients which you can buy in any Evergreen store or online.

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