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Sugar Free Cake

Think creating a delicious sugar free cake just isn't possible? Well, think again. Evergreen are here to help, providing a recipe for you to delight your family with. This recipe helps one to prepare a delicious sugar free cake. Believe it or not, baked goods can actually taste amazing without sugar.

Prep Time: 30 mins Cook Time: 5 hours
Yields: 20cm/9 inch round cake Print


75g of dates
175g of soft butter
175g of plain flour or wholemeal flour
75g of ground almonds
225g of currants
175g of raisins
175g of sultanas
125g of chopped, candied peel
50g of flaked almonds
1-2 tbsp of brandy
4 tbsp of water
5 eggs
1 tsp of mixed spice


1. Chop up the dates, ensuring that there are no hard stalks. Place them in a small saucepan with water. Stir over moderate heat until they become mushy. Remove them from the heat and allow to cool.
2. Set your oven to approximately 150 degrees celsius/Gas Mark 2.
3. Line a 20cm baking tin with two layers of greaseproof paper. Tie a piece of brown paper around the outside.
4. Now place your cooled dates into a large butter with the soft butter. Beat the mixture until light and creamy.
5. Beat in the eggs with the mixture, one by one.
6. Sift the flour, add spice and beat the mixture again.
7. Add all remaining ingredients into the mix in your tin and bake for about 5 hours.
8. In order to tell if your cake is ready, insert a skewer into the centre of the cake. It should come out clean if it is ready.
9. Allow you cake to cool on a wire rack. Once it is cold, remove the paper and pour brandy all over.

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