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Summer Essentials from Dr. Hauschka

Summer Essentials from Dr. Hauschka Evergreen.ieSkin Care

Our skin is something we have to live with for all our lives so why do so many of us choose to treat it so badly? With all the chemicals and toxins that can be found in skin care products why don’t we choose a more natural approach? Why don’t we use products which are paraben and chemical free, organic and cruelty free? These are questions I only asked myself recently and this is what led me to discover Dr. Hauschka.
For years I have had issues with my skin, especially the skin on my face. I desperately wanted clear skin but didn’t know how to get it. I tried many difference creams and face washes to help with my skin but none seemed to provide a lasting result.

After joining the Evergreen team I kept hearing about this range of products called ‘Dr. Hauschka’. I was told how the Dr. Hauschka range was a completely natural range of products which is completely chemical free. This in itself made my skin breathe a sigh of relief! Every day I now use a cleanser, toner and moisturiser from the Dr. Hauschka range.

These natural products are not harsh on the skin and since I started using the products I have noticed a difference in my skin. I’'m not saying my skin is now perfect but hey, Rome wasn'’t built in a day! Because of my new found love of Dr. Hauschka, I have chosen these travel products to be my summer essentials. The Dr. Hauschka travel size products are essentials for any travel bag you are going to pack this summer. Whether it is for a long sun holiday or a quick city break, these travel products will not see you wrong.

The travel size products which should be part of every weekend bag are a facial toner, a fitness foot balm, a lavender bath, cleansing cream and a rose body oil. The five products are all 30ml in size and this is what makes them so convenient. This means that you will keep your face feeling clean, fresh and moisturised, your body hydrated and your feet smooth and soft. The convenient size of the products make it ideal for traveling as it pops so easily into your overnight bag. So why not treat your skin to the wonderful range of travel size products (also a lovely way to try the products) and start your own love affair with Dr. Hauschka. I know I have!!

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