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The Benefits of Routine

As the lockdown continues, now really is the time to reap the benefits of a routine. The novelty of being at home definitely has worn off by now for the majority of us. The last few weeks may have felt similar to an extended Christmas break with a lack of routine and a respite from the daily grind. However with no end in sight for the lockdown, instead of sitting idle and waiting for it to be over, it’s important to have a routine for the sake of our physical and mental health.

The key factors of a good routine are exercise, sleep and eating.

Although we only have a 2km exercise limit from our house, that is still enough to get a decent run or walk, just be creative and do different loops so you don’t get bored. Being outside will help top up your Vitamin D levels which is known to help fight viral infections. If the weather is bad why not try a home workout from Joe Wicks or your local gym will probably have something on their social media channels.

Constantly be in close proximity of the fridge and just sheer boredom can make our eating habits spiral out of control. It’s important to try stick to meal times as normal to ensure we are getting the nutrition and energy we need to fight the virus. Check out some of our recipes for some wholesome nutritious meals.

It’s vital to keep our sleep patterns under control to avoid under sleeping, we may not have the early alarm clock calls anymore but that is no reason to stay up all night on a Netflix binge. Sleep is an essential part of keeping your immune system healthy and giving you the energy you need to fight the virus. Also, if you are exercising more than ever, it will aid your recovery and get you ready for the next workout.

Our seven health food stores in Galway city and county remain open. We are also offering a call and collect service for all stores; just call your nearest store before 4pm, pay over the phone and we will contact you when it’s ready for collection.

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