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The Skinny on Seeds

The Skinny on Seeds Evergreen.ieIf your new year's resolution is to get fit and healthy, you simply cannot ignore your diet.

While you may think that your eating habits are relatively okay, we can all benefit from a few simple changes to our diets. This January, we at Evergreen want you to take a small but mighty step towards a healthier life with the introduction of a few small, simple changes. We want you to consider the small but mighty seeds that are increasingly popular with nutritional therapists and health professionals.

Consider flax as an example. These little seeds are a fantastic plant source of Omega-3 and can promote digestive health. Simply add them to a salad or your morning cereal for a tasty and simply way of adding fibre and essential fats to your daily diet. If you are detoxing or following a detox plan at present, maintaining an adequate fibre intake is key to the success of the detoxification.

Chia are also getting a lot of press in the last few years for their health benefits. These protein rich super seeds will help you feel fuller for longer, while adding essential nutrients to your diet such as calcium, antioxidants and omega-3 essential fatty acids. These adaptable seeds can be used in baking or simply added to cereals, soups or smoothies. Pumpkin seeds are another nutritional gem. They are an ideal food to snack on between meals or to curb those hunger pangs. They are high in zinc and magnesium which can help to promote better sleep. When eaten raw, they are the most alkaline forming seeds, essential for skin health and wound healing.

Other popular seeds include sunflower and sesame seeds, which can be easily added to your diet to give it a much need nutritional boost. You can easily add seeds to any of your main meal options. At breakfast, add some to your cereals, muesli, porridge, smoothies, fruit salad or yoghurt. If you fancy a slice of toast in the morning, add a thin layer of a tasty seed butter. Enjoy a handful of seeds as a snack between meals or top a rice cake with some seed butter. At lunch, add some seeds to your soup, salad or sandwich. A sprinkle of seeds is also a welcome addition to any main course dish at dinner time.

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