Tickets for Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD & Patrick Holford Sunday 8th March

Unique Opportunity To Spend the Day With Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD & Patrick Holford Two Of The UK’S Leading Nutritional & Natural Healthcare Experts

Radisson Blu Hotel, Galway. Sunday 8th March. 11am-1.30pm Marilyn Glenville 2.30pm -5.00pm Patrick Holford For the first time in Ireland, you can come and listen to seminars by Dr Marilyn and Patrick, as they share with you the most up-to-date research and evidence-based nutritional and natural solutions on two key health topics which can affect your life – every day. Sign up today to these two importance health topic seminars, designed to help you improve your health and wellbeing, and discover how to live your life to the full! Improve your physical and mental health – Marilyn Glenville PhD You will find out how to use food, vitamins and minerals to increase energy, eliminate mood swings, improve your memory, reduce stress and lose weight without dieting. Discover everything you need to know about: What foods to eat and what to avoid to keep you feeling healthy and well. How you can slow down the aging clock. What vitamins, minerals and herbs you should be taking and which ones are a waste of money. Dr Glenville is a popular speaker and author of 13 bestselling books including Fat Around the Middle- ‘How to lose that bulge for good’. Beat Stress and Fatigue – Patrick Holford Are you often stressed or anxious? Find it hard to fall or stay asleep? Feel down and lacking in drive? Tired a lot of the time? Discover everything you need to know about: Practical tools for resolving stressful situations and patterns and developing stress resilience. A nutritional plan for good and consistent energy. Ways up from down when you are feeling depressed.

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