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Vegan Skincare

Vegan Skincare

Looking for cruelty free skincare with no animal derivatives? Most of the brands that we stock offer at least one if not more vegan skincare products. These cleansers, toners and moisturisers are usually recognisable by the ‘vegan’ logo. But there are some brands (e.g. Algaran) whose products don’t bear said logo but are still vegan friendly and cruelty free. Some of these brands include Irish brands Algaran, Kinvara & Holos to name but a few. Kinvara’s skincare range consists of only 4 products all of which are vegan. Whereas Algaran has a much wider range of products, some of which are vegan but not all.

Body Care

Vegan washes, lotions and body brushes can all be found at your local Evergreen store with more brands than ever sporting the vegan logo. Opal London’s wooden bristle body brushes are made with 100% natural materials and their wash cloths are 100% cotton, while brands such as Faith In Nature, Jason and Avalon Organics boast wide ranges of vegan body washes and lotions.

Hair Care

Vegan shampoos and conditioners are available from most of the aforementioned brands and vegan hair colours are also available in-store. You can get semi-permanent henna colours in creams and powders from Surya Brasil and permanent vegan colours are available from Herbatint. If you are looking for hair masks and leave in conditioners, look no further than Surya Brasil (vegan mask) and Giovanni who offer a range of vegan, natural leave in conditioners.

Pamper Me Vegan

Aside from the necessities, we also carry products to pamper yourself with, cruelty free! Think vegan make-up from Anneco – an Irish skincare and make-up specialist, who supply us not only with vegan mineral make-up but also with vegan make-up brushes. Bath products are also essential for a proper pamper so check out Weleda’s selection of bath oils, face masks from Lavera, massage oils from Holos, essential oils from Atlantic Aromatics and even perfume from Pacifica. Pacifica carry a wide range of vegan perfumes which come in sprays, roll ons and solid perfumes.

Vegan Baby

Want you little one to have a cruelty free start to life? Look no further than the baby section of your local Evergreen. Brands such as Earth Friendly Baby, Humphrey’s & Holos all boast a wide variety of vegan, cruelty free products from shampoos and bubble baths to massage oils and nappy balms, all of which help you to keep the whole family vegan from day one.

D.I.Y Vegan

Feel like making your own cosmetics? Base ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and essential oils can all be found in most Evergreen stores, giving you the essentials needed to make your own vegan skincare, if you feel so inclined!

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