Alflorex is a brand from Alimentary Health, an Irish company which formed from academics and medical professionals from the University College of Cork. Their goal for this product is to produce a supplement that is not only safe but effective. There have been clinical trials to back its safety and efficacy. Alflorex is the only product in Europe that uses the unique PrecisionBiotic® 35624™ culture. This unique strain gets to work in the gut, and it takes action rebalancing intestinal bacteria, as the balance can be disrupted by travel or stresses in the environment. Digestive health is very important to your overall wellbeing, and a good probiotic like Alflorex supports that. Probiotics help you with digestion, makes sure you are absorbing only the right nutrients from your diet and prevents bad bacteria from causing harm. Clinical studies suggest the PrecisionBiotic® bacteria also calms down overactive immune responses in the gut, which can lead to many sources of discomfort.
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