The Antipodes range of products are made from nature, but backed by science. Every one of their products only makes use of natural produce to deliver the best quality skincare they can. From face creams and cleansers to oils and serums, for both morning and night time, they have all your daily skin care needs covered. Antipodes carefully select bioactive extracts from sustainably cultivated plants, both natively in New Zealand and internationally. Antipodes also go to great trouble to use natural preservatives instead of synthetic, which are better for both you and the environment. These ingredients are rigorously tested to ensure they deliver on their promises and are scientifically and clinically shown to help promote youthful skin. They make use of 100% recyclable materials; glass, aluminium and bio-degradable cardboard. All the antipodes products are certified vegetarian by the UK Vegetarian Society, they don’t use any animal testing and the only animal by-product used is honey.
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