Bambino Mio

Bambino Mio produce a range of award-winning natural re-usable washable cotton nappies. Their nappies are designed for extreme comfort and are a more economical alternative to regular nappy packs. Available in a selection of sizes, their nappies adjust to fit babies of all sizes. They also produce nappy liners which can be used on all types of nappies (MioLiners). As well as this, Bambino Mio offer reusable nappy covers, which can be used with reusable or disposable nappies. There is also a set of Bambino Products available which offers a great introduction to their range, while also serving as an excellent gift. Each product from this range has received rave reviews from parents and critics. Many of the products have also been honoured as nominees and winners of various awards from parenting magazines and committees.
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