Many wheat free and gluten free products are available from the Barkat brand. These products are manufactured using only the finest ingredients and to the highest industry standards. There is no need to cut biscuits and cereals out of your diet – simply turn to Barkat for gluten free foods of superior taste and quality. Suitable for coeliacs, this range of products ensures one does not miss out on enjoying tasty treats simply because of a gluten intolerance. Many of the foods in this range are also free from common allergy ingredients such as milk, yeast, eggs and soy - check individual product descriptions for further details. Our selection of Barkat products includes the gluten free baking powder. This is perfect for combining with gluten free flours in baking. It ensures that coeliacs do not have to miss out on delicious baked goods. Their gluten free porridge is the most popular breakfast choice for our coeliac customers. If you are looking for high quality wheat free and gluten free products, then look no further than the Barkat range.
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