Biotta was founded in Switzerland in 1931. Their goal is to produce top quality juices from fruits and vegetables fresh from the fields and into the bottle. They believe that there are three key steps to producing the high quality standard of their products. All fruit and vegetables selected are those of the finest quality, they are then washed and placed in a closed manufacturing mechanism. Rather than pressing the fruit and vegetables to obtain the juices, Biotta "decant" their produce. This involves carefully separating the juices from the mash allowing for maximum nutritious properties of the produce to be preserved. Finally, the company pasteurise their juices at an extremely low temperature, an opposite action of many other producers. This process gives the juices a fresh taste, maintain nutrition and provides a viable two year shelf life too. When you purchase a juice from the Biotta range, you can be guaranteed that you will be consuming a top class product. Not only do their juices taste fantastic, but they offer health properties too. The carefully, minimal processing ensures that the core vitamins and minerals are still present and available to benefit your overall health.
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