Braggs is the brain child of Paul C. Bragg. Paul believed that a healthy diet and active lifestyle could have a positive impact on the body and overall quality of life in general. The Bragg family first opened a health food store in the US. They then began to hold lectures across the country which highlighted the benefits of a healthy diet and lifestyle in order to live a long and healthy life. From radio to television programs, the benefits of a good diet and exercise were extolled. The family also opened health spas and restaurants which served healthy options in the US, as well as producing health food products which were then distributed nationwide. From healthy recipes to exercise, the Bragg family provided all in order to make achieving good health as easy and accessible as possible. Paul, with the help of his family has created a range of healthy products that have received praise and recognition worldwide. Bragg products are designed to support the quest for good health, long life and vitality. The Bragg philosophy embodies the idea that through a good diet and lifestyle, one can live a long and healthy life. Bragg products are formulated without the use of artificial colourings and flavourings, chemicals, alcohols or preservatives. Buy Bragg products online and start following the Bragg ideology today!
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