Cleanmarine Krill Oil

Cleanmarine is a manufacturer of a sustainably harvested Krill Oil. Their range of Omega 3 rich Krill Oil supplements include the Original Cleanmarine 100% Krill Oil, Krill Oil for Kids and Krill Oil for Women. All of their supplements have no fishy aftertaste and provide essential Omega 3 nutrients for men, women and children. Krill Oil benefits heart health, brain functioning - particularly memory and concentration, vision, and much more. Krill Oil differs from fish oils in that it does not undergo the same harsh processing. A lesser intake of Krill Oil is required to achieve a healthy intake of Omega 3 in comparison to fish oils. Cleanmarine is an Irish brand and produce our most popular range of Omega 3 supplements. Each Cleanmarine Krill Oil supplement is a simple one-a-day supplement. The softgels are easy to swallow and provide the most convenient form of supplementing your Omega 3 requirements. Since its introduction in early 2012, the original Cleanmarine Krill Oil supplement has quickly become our best-selling Omega 3 supplement. Cleanmarine have invested and dedicated time to formulating Omega 3 supplements which meet all of a person's requirements.
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