Clif Bar

Need a natural and healthy energy boost? Clif Energy Bars use a combination of natural, healthy and nutritious ingredients to produce a healthy and tasty snack. Perfect for when you are out exploring, hiking, biking or exercising. To perform at your optimum level for longer, you need to consume high quality carbohydrates, proteins and fibre. Each bar contains a precise mixture of wholesome grains, protein and fibre. There is nothing worse when hunger hits and your energy levels begin to drop. Many sugar rich snack foods use refined sugars and processed fats, they are not only unhealthy but also increase blood sugar levels. High blood sugar levels often result in energy slumps. Clif Energy Bars contain high quality ingredients and include oats, fibre and protein which act to release sugar into the bloodstream in a slow, consistent manner, ensuring that these blood sugar spikes are avoided. All natural and all good, Enjoy!
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