Clipper Tea

Clipper products are ideal when you feel like a nice cup of tea. This outstanding selection of herbal and fruit blends are suitable for vegans and vegetarians alike. These organic teas contain no gluten and they come in a range of forms, including: Unbleached teabags and Loose leaves. Teas from Clipper Products Ireland taste great, and are made according to Fairtrade principles. Enjoy a pure, natural drink that’s totally free of artificial ingredients. You can choose from an extensive range that includes: Everyday teas – If you like a light and delicate flavour, these are ideal. Choose options such as organic African Redbush, Earl Grey and Breakfast Tea. Decaffeinated options use an Assam base, and have a well-rounded taste. Green tea: These antioxidant teas can be enjoyed with or without caffeine. Experience delightful flavours such as: Nettle and Peppermint, Ginseng and Raspberry, and Echinacea with Citrus. Infusions: This entire range is certified organic. Special occasions can be shared with Clipper teas that have hints of fruits and herbs. Bedtime has never been better than with the sleep easy blend of chamomile and cinnamon. White tea: Made from the buds of young bushes, these are similar to green teas. They contain natural antioxidants and taste refreshing. Sip at rounded flavours of vanilla, orange and lemon. Specialty: Tried and tested favourites such as Darjeeling and Ceylon never tasted this good. Even this Earl Grey is subtly flavoured with bergamot oil, instead of artificial enhancers. Enjoy a refreshing cuppa, any time of day, with pure and natural Clipper products.
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