Delacet is a brand with a history of producing this natural remedy, which is one of the strongest natural head lice treatments on the market. A lot of products require repeat applications because they do not kill the nits (eggs) on the first application, and only kill the lice. They also require the hair to be thoroughly combed through, which can be a chore for those with long, thick hair. What Delacet does differently is their treatment eliminates all the problems on the first application, and requires no combing afterwards. Delacet’s Head Lice Solution has a water-like consistency, so it easily penetrates thick hairstyles like afros or dreadlock, reaching all the way to the scalp. Allow the solution to soak into your hair for 2-3 hours and it eliminates all of the lice and nits without using any ingredients which may cause irritation or harm to the scalp.
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