Halos n Horns

The Halos n Horns range of children’s bath products have been specially formulated using natural conditioners and plant derivatives as cleansers. This makes the formulas especially gentle on sensitive skin types and reduces the risk of any eye irritation. The range includes shampoo, conditioner, body wash and toothpaste, all with different fruity fragrances. The company was founded by Leila Wilcox in 2005. Her goal was to create a range of natural skin and hair care products for children. Leila was well aware of the harm chemical based formulas had on a baby’s skin. Her own son’s skin would turn red and blotchy after baths and sometimes flared up with eczema. Leila began to talk to other mothers and soon discovered many of them were encountering the same problems. Leila began to analyse the formulas of baby products. She soon identified the offending chemicals that were causing the adverse reactions on her son’s skin. Once the offending chemicals were identified she looked everywhere to find products which were chemical free. After an unsuccessful search Leila decided to create her range of child friendly natural skin and hair care products and so Halos and Horns was born. Buy Halos n Horns products online at Evergreen and make bath-time fun for little ones.
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