A variety of top quality health supplements are manufactured under the Igennus brand. The company prides itself on formulating a scientifically-developed brand that uses only natural ingredients. These products do not contain any artificial or chemical ingredients, which ensure a purer, more efficient product. The products are endorsed by some of the world’s leading medical researchers. They have succeeded in communicating the efficacy of the products, so that Ingennus has become a leading and trusted brand in the pharmaceutical industry. The Igennus brand offers a range of omega supplements that provide the body with essential fatty acids necessary for adequate functioning. This fatty acid is highly unsaturated so it is better for the body. EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) is the primary omega-3 acid, which offers incredible health benefits. It is crucial for smooth messaging between the neurons in the brain, and a deficiency can result in an array of physical and mental conditions including low moods, ADHD and poor memory, as well as cardiovascular disease, chronic fatigue syndrome and others.
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