Lamazuna is an all-natural vegan company who specialise in household products that simplify beauty regimes, hence the name translating to “pretty young woman” determined to replace wasteful options in everyday beauty regimes and other daily routines Lamazuna strives to create a more resourceful, mindful array of organic products. Their range now includes sulphate and palm oil free solid shampoos, aluminium- free solid deodorants, solid 100% body butters and more. This brand is leading the way in mindful beauty and organic everyday products, and we LOVE it!
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  1. Lamazuna Oriculi - Reusable Earbuds

    Lamazuna Oriculi - Reusable Earbuds

    Determined to encourage more people to do away with single use items, Lamazuna – known for their selection of zero waste Products, ranging from solid shampoos to plastic-free toothpaste- have creat... Learn More