With Lifestream products you can rest assured that you are receiving the full benefits of top-quality herbs and nutrients. Lifestream is dedicated to providing quality products that may improve and benefit its consumer's lives. Lifestream maintains the highest integrity in terms of ingredients and is trusted and respected both in its field and by its customers. The company has built up a vast knowledge and expertise since being founded in the early eighties. Lifestream pride themselves in bringing the most advanced and innovative products to the market. Their product range currently contains: Life Stream Barley Grass, Life Stream Chlorella, Life Stream Spirulina, Life Stream Wheat Grass and Lifestream Ultimate Veggies Blend. If you require a healthcare product from a provider you can trust, buy Lifestream products online at and enjoy pure supplements and products of the highest quality.
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  1. Lifestream Barley Grass

    Lifestream Barley Grass

    Life Stream Barley Grass is a natural food supplement that has been grown and harvested naturally in New Zealand. This green food supplement is New Zealand-certified organic, and is a wholesome pow... Learn More
  2. Lifestream Wheat Grass

    Lifestream Wheat Grass

    Life Stream Wheat Grass is a certified organic wholesome green food made from the fresh leaves of young Wheat Grass plants in New Zealand. It is a gluten-free product, which is available in capsule... Learn More