Medaus Namai

Medaus Namai's ecological apiary of Laimonas and Jūratė Galvonai is located in the remote Aukštaitija farmstead, in Zarasai district Lithuana, in picturesque surroundings. Laimon is a third-generation beekeeper: his family's beekeeping story began more than fifty years ago when a neighbor gave his grandmother a beehive with his entire hive at the wedding. As a teenager, Laimon was thrilled to help grandma at the hive. After his grandfather left Anapilin, his dad turned into beekeeping. Now, from April to September, life is filled with running an apiary surrounded by nature. There are no sources of pollution around the apiary, the bees are treated with natural acids, and Medaus Namai combine tradition with innovation: offering honey treats of various flavors with freeze-dried quince, raspberry, ginger and lemon, sea buckthorn etc. The delicacies are not only delicious but also healthy, and full of goodness.
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