Multi-Mam is an innovative self-care product range solves specific problems for mother and baby. The expert range includes Multi-Mam Compresses and Multi-Mam Balm which work to help prevent and treat the nipple discomfort that can occur before and during breastfeeding. This baby and mother friendly range is suitable and safe for you and your baby. They use only the very best, most natural, plant based ingredients. Multi-Mam’s Balm provides immediate relief, neutralizing harmful microbes and supporting natural healing processes when breastfeeding while the Balm protects the nipples during breastfeeding and helps to prevents cracking.
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  1. Multi-Mam Nipple Care Balm

    Multi-Mam Nipple Care Balm

    This natural nipple cream helps heal and protect sore, cracked and irritated nipples. It is completely safe for babies, fragrance free and non-toxic. The mild formula contains aloe extract, sunflow... Learn More
  2. Multi-Mam Nipple Care Compresses

    Multi-Mam Nipple Care Compresses

    Many breastfeeding mothers suffer from sore breasts at some point. A compress can be used to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and prevent infections. This product combines bio-active gel with a la... Learn More