The joints and muscles in the body receive a lot of punishment from everyday use. This can cause pain and reduce mobility which can have both a mental and physical impact on your health. Painfreeze is an effective gel which can be used to relieve pain and discomfort resulting from stiff muscles, muscle spasms, strains, back and neck pain, cramps and painful joints. This amazing gel contains the following active ingredients: Isopropyl alcohol, Camphor and Ilex, which may help to reduce pain and discomfort. This gel is ideal for anyone who may be suffering from niggling pain or muscle discomfort. This cutting edge formula allows the gel to penetrate down into the deep muscle tissue ensuring the best possible relief from pain is attained. Unlike many other pain gels or sprays on the market which dry out the skin, Painfreeze contains an active ingredient which helps keep skin moist and supple.
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