Picksan is a brand of natural products from the Netherlands designed to repel and eliminate nasty headlice. Picksan products are all developed by Prof. Mehlhorn, who has over 30 years of experience in the field related to parasites. His range of head lice treatments contains a selection of naturally derived ingredients which have been proven to be effective against lice. Extracts from the neem tree and the eucalyptus plant are some of the active ingredients, which naturally repel lice. There is a No Lice! preventative spray for when you are going to be in the proximity of someone who has head lice, such as a at a school. This natural, odourless spray keeps you protected for at least 7 hours on a single application. But if you find you or your child already has lice, there is a Lice Stop Shampoo, which removes lice in a way which doesn’t use insecticides and is gentle on the skin.
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