Sea Magik

Sea Magik is a family-run British spa brand, making products from minerals gathered in the Dead Sea. They believe that almost every health and skin concern can be traced back to a mineral imbalance within the body, and therefore infuse healing Spa minerals into all their products, to remineralise and replenish the body.

Natural mineral sources provide the four key ingredients: water, salt, mud and seaweed. Organic plant extracts are added with essential oils to enhance efficacy, keeping synthetics to a minimum. Sea Magik products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, free-from harsh ingredients and kind to all skin and hair types. All Sea Magik products are paraben free and contain only allergen free fragrances. 

Committed to becoming ever more sustainable in their packaging , the bio-polymer used to make their bottles and tubes is sourced from sugar cane – a sustainable by-product of the sugar industry, which has a carbon-negative impact on the planet. ​

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