Shiva Shakti Incense

Shiva Shakti Incense is family-run business based in Ireland. For over 20 years they have been supplying Ireland with high quality, authentic, natural, hand-crafted Indian incense. Shiva Shakti have travelled throughout India to find the very best incense the country has to offer. Their beautifully scented incense is made from only natural and organic ingredients and each pack is then sealed in foil to ensure optimal freshness so you are sure to be getting the very best product available. These high quality incense is available in a number of fragrances so you are sure to find at some that you just love! Each pack contains 20 grams of incense which equates to approximately 10 sticks. The average burning time for each stick is between 60 minutes to 75 minutes. The beautiful scent of these products can fill up even a large room.
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