Solaray is a pioneer in the natural and herbal supplements sector of the health care industry. They have been manufacturing and selling health supplement since 1973. Their herbal products contain a blend of two or more herbs, which have complementary effects. These products dissolve rapidly so that they may be absorbed efficiently, as well as being easy to swallow. A vitamin and mineral range is also manufactured under the Solaray brand. Solaray products are very easy to recognise. Each product comes in a white container with a rainbow of five colours across the top of the label as a backdrop to the Solaray logo. Their products are high quality but yet affordable and cater for a range of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Products such as Solaray Yeast Cleanse are also available and cater for specific ailments or health issues. Solaray also offer supplements for children. Their product, Yummy Greens, is very popular with Evergreen customers as it provides greens for kids. You can also choose from multivitamin supplements both with and without iron included.
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