Urtekram is a company that is passionate about developing innovative organic products that are not only good for you, but also the environment. The company was the brain child of Lisbeth Damsgaard and Ronnie McGrail. They had the ambition to create innovative, natural and organic products, and so Urtekram was born in 1972. They started this journey with a small herb merchant shop located in urban Copenhagen. Since then the company has grown and grown and is now one of the most internationally respected organic companies. Each amazing natural product is lovingly produced by a team of passionate craftsmen and women to ensure that each product is made to a high standard. Urtekram is a company that makes every effort to use the most sustainable methods in all stages of production to ensure minimal impact on the environment. The Urtekram product range includes skincare products, deodorants, wholefoods and condiments.
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