Wiley's Finest

Wiley’s Finest was founded in 1981 by Vincent, his wife Dorothea and two sons David and Paul. In 2008, Wiley’s Finest and their entire dedicated team of chemists, engineers, welders, fabricators, and manufacturing specialists began to make world-class EPA & DHA concentrates. These super concentrated and sustainable fish oils have continued to grow in popularity since their launch, and it is no surprise why! All of Wiley’s Finest fish oils are third-party tested and NSF certified purified for removal of Mercury, PCBs, Lead, Cadmium, and Arsenic. Their product range has continued to grow and they now manufacture a number of Alaskan fish oil supplements in liquid and softgel form. Wiley’s Finest passionately believe in the many benefits of Omega oils and the huge range of health benefits they can provide.
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