The Benefits of Sprouting Your Own Seeds

Our amazing little germinators allow you to sprout your own seeds so easily! Our germinators are compact enough to sprout in your kitchen or where space is limited. They are super easy to use, grow and wash. They are an excellent way to add fresh, highly nutritious sprouting seeds to your diet. Improving your diet with the aid of sprouted seeds may help with digestion and provide easy absorbed vitamins and minerals. Try them today to see how easy is really is!

Germinators Available at stock germinators from A. Vogel have two different sizes; a small glass jar which is ideal for when space is very limited and a stacked germinator which allows you to sprout three different seeds simultaneously or for fresh sprout supply when they are sown at different times. Again, this germinator is ideal for a small space. Take a closer look at our germinators for more information on which one is best suited to your needs.
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