What is Xylitol?

Xylitol is an amazing sugar replacement which trumps regular refined cane sugars in all regards. It is granular just like the sugars you are used to, so it can be used in exactly the same ways, be it in tea, baking and more. It can provide as much sweetness as your standard store bought sugars with only 60% of the associated calories. It’s not just calories where xylitol succeeds sugar however, as it has both a lower glycemic index and doesn’t contribute to tooth decay. Xylitol may also have a positive effect on the digestive system of some users when used in moderation.

Why buy Xylitol from Evergreen?

Here at Evergreen we only stock the highest quality products so all of the xylitol products we stock here contain no additives or preservatives, just 100% xylitol in its natural form. Take a closer look at the items we have in stock to learn more about them.
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