Almond Butters

What are Almond Butters?

Almond butters are simple spreads created from blended almonds. These almond nut butters come in two consistencies, crunchy and smooth, so you can find one which suits your preference. That all there is to it; there are no hidden filler items or preservatives in our nut butters, just pure almonds. Almond butters have seen a surge in popularity in recent years due to a number of reasons. They taste great and go well with nearly everything; you can add almond butter to baking, smoothies etc for a delicious new flavour. On top of this they are packed full of proteins, healthy fats and fibre, as well as vitamins and minerals which are needed in our diets.

What have we got to offer?

We have numerous almond butter offerings available, in all sizes and flavours. Some of the ingredients you can see combined with almonds butters include coconut, vanilla, cinnamon and sea salt, but if you would prefer you can have just pure almond nut butter. You can use the filters below to search by dietary requirements, making it easier to find the items which suit your needs.
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